Monkey See Monkey Do™

S1 26×11 minutes  S2 26×7 minutes
Audience: Preschool
Format: Children, 3D Animation
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Mandarin

This ain’t your Great Grand-Pop’s Passive TV. Monkey See Monkey Do will have the tykes at home wagging their tails and flapping their wings all over the TV room. Animated animals and live-action children groove together in this boogying game. Each episode features our monkey host who invites children to discover, imitate and then dance along with the animal guest of the day. This fun and game will take place in one of five different environments. At the end of each episode everyone sings and dances to the sound of the special environment song. And just when you think the fun is over. Monkey and the animal reappear to a final unexpected funny final gag.
Warning: Grown-ups are not immune to these highly infectious rhythms.

About the Producer

Smartoonz® is an international content development company that produces smart, entertaining programs for children – toddlers, preschoolers and preteens.

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Disney Playhouse LATAM, PBS Kids – Sprout, TVO, TVA, Knowledge, France 5, Minimax, PBS Thailand, Hop!, Jim Jam, CN


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